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How do expanding and cascading reels work in online slots?

Online slots are brimming with inventive and captivating features designed to elevate the gaming experience. Two of the most popular features are expanding reels and cascading reels. Expanding reels is a feature where the reels can expand to include extra rows on a winning spin. Typical online slots have a fixed layout, usually three rows by five reels. With expanding reels, if a win occurs, the reels can even expand to add extra rows, leading to more ways to win.

When playing a slot with expanding reels, the reels will initially spin and come to rest in the standard layout. If a winning combination lands, for example, 3 matching symbols on a payline, then the winning symbols are held in place and the reels expand up or down to add extra rows. The rest of the reels then respin holding the trigger symbols locked. It gives more chances to hit winning combos and significantly increases the number of paylines in play. The reels expand by anything from 1 to 6 extra rows typically. Some slots even offer unlimited expanding reels which keep adding more rows after each win indefinitely. The feature usually ends when no more winner appears after a respin.

Cascading reels

Cascading reels operate in a slightly different way to expanding reels. With cascading reels, any winning symbols are removed after a win, and replaced by symbols tumbling down from above. It potentially creates new wins repeatedly. During cascading reel slots, winning combinations flash or animate as normal. But rather than just paying out and continuing, the winning symbols disappear. Symbols then fall from above to fill the empty positions, with new ones entering at the top. It creates new winning lines, triggering another cascade.

The cascades continue until no more new winners come along. Some daftar-balislot offer unlimited cascading reels, while others limit the number of cascades per spin. Big wins can rapidly accumulate thanks to the domino effect of repeated cascades setting off multiple new winning combinations. A key feature of great cascading reel slots include.

  • Chained reactions – cascades keep triggering more waves that lead to payouts.
  • Increased tension – you never know how long the flow will continue.
  • Frequent hits – improved hit frequency from the domino effect of cascades.
  • Retriggering features – cascades can retrigger expanding reels or free spins repeatedly.
  • Big win potential – continuous cascade reactions provide huge maximum payouts.

Whether seeing reels suddenly expand or enjoying the domino tumbling effect of cascading reels, these features make for thrilling online slot play. The chance to repeatedly retrigger wins keeps excitement levels high. Expanding and cascading reels also deliver frequent hits and the chance to trigger big wins through their chained reaction mechanics. With so much winning action, it’s no surprise these features are a huge hit!

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